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Zebra Creek

Philodendron Leaf Throw Blanket

Philodendron Leaf Throw Blanket

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Behold. 🌿 The cutest. Softest. Best fleece blanket ever.  😍 Shaped like a philodendron leaf. Perfect to drape over a bed,  couch, or your shoulders.  This blanket makes an excellent cape! 

The ultra soft plush material makes this blanket so versatile.  Ultra compact.  It's lightweight so you don't sweat too death.  But it's thick enough to take a chill off and keep you cozy all evening long.  

Ships in a cute little plastic free box.  

Apx size is 60x80 inches.  

Made of 100% polyester.  

Machine washable. Tumble dry low heat. Or better yet,  line dry. 🌎🌬

Personal favorite part of this blanket: taking this to a bonfire (or any outdoor event) and wearing it like a cape like I am in the last photo.  🦸‍♀️-Zebra Creek media specialist.

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