Where is your company located?

  • We're in a small town outside of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Do you have social media?

  • Yes. We started Instagram in May 2023. We have no intention of starting any other forms of social media... one is enough. Less screen time, more time outdoors.

What company makes your soap?

  • Zebra Creek. ;) we make our soap bars by hand from ethically sourced goats milk soap base that is supplied to us from local farmers.

What is your return policy?

  • It's simple... if you don't like it, let us know within 7 days of delivery and we'll make it right. Easiest way to contact us is by using the chat feature in the bottom right corner of our website, or messaging us on instagram.  We also have a customer login page and use checkout through SHOP, you can request a return by logging into our site directly or logging into your SHOP account. We're available 7 days a week by chat/email.

Do you really plant trees and help wildlife?

  • We do! We also do tons of pop up products where the profits go towards various organizations too. Our main mission is to, LOOK CUTE. PLANT TREES. SAVE WILDLIFE. What does that mean? Simply put, we donate one dollar to the Arbor Day Foundation for every single order placed. Even if it's a $3 pair of earrings...we still donate a full dollar. This money is used to help Arbor Day plant a tree in a forest in need and provide care for it until it reaches adulthood. And the last part of our slogan is save wildlife. On top of the donation to Arbor Day, we also donate 6% of our profits to the African Wildlife Foundation. Specifically to the training of Ivory sniffing k9s in Africa. We're really big on protecting natural wildlife and advocating to protect the environment for generations to come.

How do you ship your stuff?

  • All orders are shipped via USPS using only biodegradable packaging materials. A cardboard box, paper packing tape to seal the box, a paper label, and clear cellulose tape to seal the label onto the box to ensure it arrives intact. While our tape looks like standard plastic tape, it is made of 100% plant material and will break down in your compost bin in an average of 45 days along with the entire box and label. From time to time, we use clear cellophane wrappers that resemble plastic on some of the products, these too are 100% plant material and easily degradable in your home compost bin.

Can I order and have it shipped to a different address?

  • Sure! Just type that address that you need it shipped to in where it says SHIPPING ADDRESS during checkout. We never include packing slips in our boxes as we think it's wasted paper, after all, we email you a copy of your order right after you place it.... so you can totally ship as a GIFT from our site to a person of your choosing. If you'd like, we'll even include a hand written note from you to them. Just chat us after placing your order.

How do I suggest a charity for you to donate to next?

  • Just hit the chat button of course. We get dozens of requests a week to offer items to certain organizations and unfortunately we can only offer so many at once. We will deeply research all charities before handing over any money. Only active, non profit, documented charities qualify. Sorry but we do not donate to any individual event or person. Reputable charities only.

How can I be a model or influencer for Zebra Creek?

  • If you want us to use your photos in ads, just message us.  We're currently accepting model requests. If you're interested, message here on this site or on our Instagram. Send us a few outdoor/ brand themed photos of yourself.
  • Zebra Creek also has a year long ambassador program.Ambassadors get early releases, discount codes for personal use, as well as discount codes for friends and family, plus exclusive Zebra Creek Merch. Applications are available every December and new ambassadors get announced in January. The 2024 ambassadors have been selected already, be sure to check out our Instagram page to see who the lucky group includes.