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Zebra Creek

Grove Fresh Conditioner Bar

Grove Fresh Conditioner Bar

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Orange, lemon, lime scented. 

Handmade conditioner bar. Pairs perfectly with any scent of our shampoo bars to give that beachy scent. Conditioner bars last longer. Travel easier. And lather better than traditional bottled conditioner. Plus... they are zero waste. No more worrying about contributing to the world's plastic problem.  

Works on ALL hair types!

Plant based. Cruelty free. No silicone. Organic. Eco Friendly conditioner.

Did you know that every conditioner bottle you've used in your life.... still exists?? Even the thinnest bottles take over 100 years to decompose! Zebra Creek bars come in a reusable metal travel tin and are plastic free.  

Comprised of plant extracts. Vegan. No sulfates or parabens. No greasy buildup left weighing hair down. Just fresh scented, clean hair.  
Average customer usage is 1 to 3 months depending on washing frequency and hair length. A little goes a LONG way with these bars. Ultra concentrated.  
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