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Zebra Creek

Free Spirited Natural Wrap -By Addy

Free Spirited Natural Wrap -By Addy

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Zebra Creek Natural Wraps are the cutest new fashion trend.

Wear it all day, everyday as your reminder to do what makes you happy and ignore everything else.  Positivity rocks.  Let loose.  Be free.  

 This wrap is for the free spirits.
Designed by ADDY of Addy's Tie Dye Creations. 
Addy is the sweetest, smartest,  and most professional business woman I know.... and she's only 9 years old! She'd describe herself as a nature loving hippie. 
Addy loves bright things and runs a very successful tie dye shop with her mom where Addy custom designs all of the work available there. As with any shop, there are ones that don't print right,  ones that snag, ones that get holes,  and even designs that sit in inventory too long.  We at Zebra Creek source these fabrics from Addy and create beautiful, one of a kind Natural Wraps with them.  Addy inspired each and every charm on every Addy bracelet. 
The fun thing about this order,  is the fabric pattern is totally random.  Each and every wrap will be unique.  That's why no single bracelet is spot lighted. 

Charms can include wood rounds, hearts, stars, flowers,wooden beads, camping signs,  peace signs,  trees, sea shells, drilled good luck seeds, leaves and of course the Zebra Creek tag is located at the end as with all of our official wraps. 

Wrap it on your wrist or ankle. One size fits all. Too big? Wrap it again. Too small? Unwrap it once. Want a totally custom fit? Explore wrapping it in different directions to get the charms to lay the way you like the best.  

Every Natural Wrap is hand dyed, hand cut, and hand tied right here in NC, USA. 

Be sure to check out Addy's work on Facebook by searching: Addys Tie Dye Creations ✌️
💥Kid bracelets have bulky youthful bright colored charms.  Suitable for children, teens, or the young at heart.  Both bracelets are one size fits all. 
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